• Michael L Dods

Grit: Angela Duckworth

Read this book yesterday, here's a summary: It is not talent or ability that leads to success. It is a combination of passion and perseverance AKA grit. Effort builds skill, effort makes skill productive. Consistency of effort is everything. We are bioplastic, we can develop grit, we need an interest, purpose, practice and hope. Have a vision, set a hierarchy of goals that lead to it. Vision takes discovery, then development, then deepening through interaction with the world not navel gazing. Growth comes from overextending ourselves. Make practice deliberate, this leads to mastery, this leads to flow. Have a purpose greater than yourself. "Fall seven, rise eight", Don't quit. Have a growth mindset. Learn from your failures. "Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts." Developing grit depends critically on other people. Compete means to "strive together". Working hard, passion, perseverance, grit all don't mean anything if you're a shit bloke.

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